Dealing with Grief

Dealing With Grief

When we experience the loss of a loved one, we also experience grief. This can manifest itself as shock, guilt, anger, denial,
physical illness, mental incapacity and other emotions. For children, the death of a loved one can be an especially confusing and painful experience. 

Grieving often requires time, counsel and focus. Time can ease the grieving process and allow us to accept or adapt to the loss.
As a parent, the best thing you can do is to guide your child in emotional development throughout the grief process. 

Sometimes, professional help is needed for medical and/or emotional assistance. Keep in mind, everyone deals with grief differently. Take time to find the resources and information necessary to make sound decisions on how best to deal with your individual grief and be prepared to offer assistance to surviving family and friends.

Our network of compassionate Independent funeral home, crematory and cemetery firms are prepared to assist when a death has occurred or is near. IFDF members provide caring, personalized service to make the funeral planning process smooth and alleviate stress as you grieve. 

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Loss of a Pet

Pets form special bonds with their owners and become a part of the family. Emotions should be addressed as part of the grieving process when losing a pet. It’s logical that owners face the death of their pet with similar feelings of grief. 

When facing the death of a pet, burial and cremation services, special ceremonies and pet cemeteries are available. Our network of independent funeral directors are helpful resources to guide you through this process and offer services to assist.

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