For Consumers: Arranging A Funeral

Making Decisions During a Difficult Time

Making multiple decisions and selections can be most difficult when funeral arrangements must be made for you or your loved one. Trying to decide ‘who to call’, ‘what needs to be done’, ‘who can help’, ‘what costs can we expect’, and countless other questions (and answers) will be needed in a short time frame.

Your first call (or decision) should be to select a State of Florida licensed Independent Funeral Director [See Find an IFDF Funeral Director tab] who possess the knowledge and skills to help guide you through the arrangements and can offer counsel and resources to ease the task. This professional will handle all the necessary arrangements which are needed, to include informing you of all the details, financial decisions/needs, legal issues, personalized ceremony or service, through to the grief and healing process.

The expense and related costs of a funeral will be one which you or your surviving family members will have to consider. Costs will be determined by a host of varied elements; however, your funeral director will explain services and pricing in advance of your final decision together with a detailed breakdown of these expenses. You should ask questions as to options, merchandise, and other informational items so you are a well informed consumer. Price ranges, death benefits, burial allowances and other services may also be available through Social Security, Veterans Administration or other organizations, and your professional funeral director will be able to help you through the paperwork and application process.

So, as you undertake handling the final arrangements keep in mind that your funeral director will be the most valuable member on your team to guide you and your family. All the paperwork, legal matters, merchandise, professional services, filing fees, and exhaustive details will be handled by a professional who is available twenty-four hours a day to serve the public.