2024 IFDF Annual Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joshua Fredenburg

Posted By: Ruth Bedell, PhD, QAS News,

The IFDF Foundation


the 2024 Annual Conference & Trade Show 
Sponsored by Argent Trust

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joshua Fredenburg
Founder of Vision X/Y

"The Power of Leading with Emotional Intelligence! - 
Four Strategic Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
and Experience Greater Results as a Leader!"

Thursday, May 30, 2024

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Palm Coast, Florida

(1-Hour CE Course)

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About this Course

Research experts suggest that 90% of high potentials possess high emotional intelligence and 68% of our workplace activities require emotional intelligence. In addition to these studies, other emotional intelligent scholars suggest that high emotional intelligence not only helps people lead more effectively, but it helps them manage stress and difficult people, deal with emotional challenges, work with others more effectively, inspire others, deal with conflict better, build more positive relationships, avoid negative emotional outbursts, and attain more productivity and profitability within the workplace.


In this transformational program on Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Fredenburg not only helps managers and leaders develop a greater understanding about emotional intelligence, but he teaches them how to experience the positive results of emotional intelligence as a leader and business owner through the implementation of Emotional Intelligence.


Literally, leaders and business owners will experience positive results as a leader and business leader by learning how to identify their emotional triggers and develop strategies to regulate the negative impact of these emotional triggers, being more empathic as a leader, creating more social awareness, communicating to different audiences more effectively, and discovering how to build more positive relationships with productive and difficult workers within the workplace setting.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Participants will not only gain deeper understanding about Emotional Intelligence, but they will learn how to develop a leadership skill set and experience that leads to greater results and productivity.


  • Participants will identify and assess four components of Emotional Intelligence which are self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management.


  • Participants will not only learn how to make the right decisions in stressful, challenging, and pressure-filled moments, but they learn how to self-regulate the emotional disruptions that can affect our leadership productivity, performance, and relationships.


  • Participants will learn how to respond to the positive and negative emotions of others better and become more effective at dealing with conflict, managing difficult people, engaging in courageous conversations, and helping others reach their fullest potential within the organization or company.


Participants will not only learn how to become more empathetic and socially aware, but they will develop a skill set that will enable them to become more effective at managing relationships, collaborating with others, and building positive networks within the workplace setting.

About the Presenter

Dr. Joshua Fredenburg is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author of seven books, member of Tedx Speaker, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach/Trainer, and President/Founder of the ‘Award Winning Circle of Change Leadership Experience, a national leadership experience focused on preparing college students for career leadership success!


For the past fifteen years, Dr. Fredenburg has not only served as a keynote speaker in 49 states across the country, but he has transformed the lives of thousands of people as a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, trainer, and facilitator at different conferences, retreats, trainings, graduations, professional development programs, and special events!


In addition to a successful speaking career, Dr. Fredenburg received his Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in June of 2019, attained a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Biola University in 2008, and has appeared as a guest television expert on various television/radio shows throughout the years!


Dr. Fredenburg’s academic accomplishments, years of experience as the President of a national leadership development conference, scholarly research, and successful speaking career has enabled him to provide every audience with an energetic, empowering, dynamic, and transformational presentation that leads to positive results!