Funeral Director and Embalmer Position Available

Posted By: Amanda L. Gendron-Roese Career Center , Positions Available ,

Funeral home seeking a funeral director/embalmer.

Position Overview:

Provides knowledgeable and caring support to family and friends of deceased; meets with family and/or friends of the deceased to discuss the nature and time of funeral arrangements to be conducted.

Tactfully discusses the options and preference for disposition of the remains; addresses and explains the costs of the funeral with family and/or friends of the deceased.

Coordinates practical arrangements for the funeral that are respectful, professional, timely, and sensitive. This may include transferring the body to the burial site, providing transportation of the family, or arranging visitations and services.

Coordinates the transfer of the body or remains to the funeral home.

Oversees the embalming process.

Provides instructions to the Funeral Arrangements Supervisor and Funeral Attendant regarding times, rooms, and arrangements to be made.

Schedules clergy and pallbearers, answering any questions about their specific duties.

Makes arrangements with cemeteries for scheduling, opening, and closing of facilities and gravesites, as necessary.  

Oversees the issuance of death notices, obituaries, and related paperwork to government agencies and preferred newspapers or other appropriate media.

Ensures paperwork is filed in a timely and orderly manner, consulting with family to obtain accurate and necessary information for completion.

Develops and maintains budget and financial records for the funeral home.  

Performs other related duties as assigned.

For more information on applying for this position, please contact Gendron Funeral & Cremation Services at (239) 986-1254.