Funeral Director/Embalmer Position Available in West Palm Beach

Posted By: Paul Nelson Career Center, Positions Available,

Recently purchased Northwood Funeral Home of West Palm Beach. Family owned (husband and wife).

Looking for a younger, fresh minded, licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, an individual we can mentor and teach. This individual can grow with Northwood Funeral Home and become a valuable team member. For now, it would be the three of us reintroducing the funeral home to the community by actively being involved in the community. I will dedicate myself to fully investing in the individual that joins us, this individual will help run every aspect of the business and will be just as valuable to the business and community as my wife and me. In other words, this person will be incredibly important to our success and as we are successful the individual joining us will share in that success.

We want to groom this individual to manage the location and he or she will be greatly involved as we grow our team.

I can teach and grow the right individual; I cannot however teach someone how to have compassion and empathy for others. A person lacking compassion and empathy cannot run a lawnmower on our team, not the place for one lacking these characteristics. Attention to detail, a commitment to follow through and commitment to growth is a must. As we know, our business is not a 9-5 business, for the individual that is finished with work at 5 PM sharp, Northwood wouldn't be a good fit.

My wife and I want someone with an honest but fun spirit. honesty, humility and a teachable heart is the foundation to growth.

Anticipated Start Date: July 1, 2022

Phone: (561) 844-4311