IFDF Funeral Profession 2023 Series - Interview with Death Literacy Platform Founder Caren Martineau

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Interview with Caren Martineau, Founder of Death Literacy Platform, Bevival.com


Caren Martineau is a social entrepreneur, branding pioneer, and mapper of cultural zeitgeists. Motivated by the emotional and financial cost of living longer and dying slower, she founded Bevival.com, a groundbreaking source of death literacy content and programming. Bevival’s popular content includes writing workshops, Exit Interview author series, the Farewell LibraryLong Before the End Book Group, Celebrating Aging in Film Series at Montclair Film, D2KDUSA, a grassroots mortality awareness event and the 1st annual Dying to Know Film Festival debuting August 2023.

Bevival creates and produces life-affirming death literacy content and programming for audiences of all ages. As founders of the death literacy movement in America, we’re transforming the narrative around ending of life with a call-to-action grounded in hope, self-determination, and change.

Bevival is a gathering place for personal and societal transformation. Our goal is to reduce the emotional and financial burden on individuals, communities, and institutions by providing a ‘long before the end’ ethos to end-of-life preparedness. Let’s talk about death, differentlyTM annual campaign is Bevival’s invitation to engage in meaning making while one is busy living.

 Visit www.bevival.com

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