2023 IFDF Annual Conference & Trade Show List of Exhibitors

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2023 IFDF Annual Conference & Trade Show

List of Exhibitors

2022 IFDF Trade Show Image

We have curated a diverse and dynamic trade show for you where you can earn two hours of CE credit, just by visiting the suppliers' booths. Our amazing suppliers are eager to connect with you and share the latest industry innovations. 

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday, June 1st, 2 pm - 5:30 pm ET

Friday, June 2, 10 am - 3 pm ET

Admission Tickets

Full conference registration ticket gives you admission to the trade show on both days. If you are only able to attend one day of the conference, the daily full conference access tickets include the CE courses, meal functions, and trade show admission. If you are only interested in attending the trade show on Thursday, the trade show only ticket is $50 (or $75 after May 31). Admission to Friday's trade show is free.

 Click here to register for the conference or trade show only

List of Exhibitors

Booth # Exhibitor/Supplier
124 497 Division of Funeral, Cemetery & Consumer Services
130 Absolute Bio-Clean
134 Air Esscentials
135 Ambulance & Coach Sales
125 American Crematory Equipment Co.
105 Astral Industries
128 B & L Cremation Systems
107 Cardinal Casket Company
111 Cooperative Funeral Fund
104 Cremation Recycling
137 Dodge
101 Doric Products
112 eFuneral Partner
140 Eterna Urn
133 Federated Funeral Directors of America
106 Federated Insurance
136 Final Diagnosis Inc
131 Funeral Directors Life (FDLIC)
114 Garfield Refining
121 Great Western Insurance Company
115 Heartwood Preserve
117 Homage Live
139 Homesteaders Life Company
123 Legacy Touch
141 Lifenet Health Of Florida
113 Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions
119 Mevisto
132 Mortuary Lift Company, INC.
126 Precious Metal Recycling Services, Inc.
108 Precoa
122 Premier Preneed Marketing
138 Ring Ring Marketing
100 ShivaShade
109 Starmark Funeral Products
129 Stryker Emergency Care
120 The Davis Whitehall Co.
102 The Messenger Co.
116 Thumbies
110 Tribute Displays
103 Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
1 Treasured Memories
2 Samuel Mitchell Designs
3 Chosen Payments 
4 Atlantic Coastal Life Insurance Co.
5 Kates-Boylston
6 Passages International