2024 IFDF Annual Conference Speaker: Monica Torres

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The IFDF Foundation


the 2024 Annual Conference & Trade Show 
Sponsored by Argent Trust


Monica Torres, LE, LFD, LC

Founder of NXT Generation Mortuary Support Services LLC

"The Hardcase Hangover"

Friday, May 31, 2024

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Palm Coast, Florida

(1-Hour CE Course)

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About this Course

This seminar is technically focused on embalming hard cases that include, but are not limited to, decapitation, severely decomposed bodies, cranial reconstruction, and facial rejuvenation due to extreme edema. 

This 2-hour seminar delivers successes with proven results. Professional growth and development through trouble shooting failures take the front seat. In the wake of the pandemic, many caretakers of the dead have hit burnout and are struggling to manage symptoms that range from shame, exhaustion, moodiness, anxiety, and even suicidal ideations. This seminar will lay this difficult topic onto the embalming table where we can work together as an association, to begin to work through these challenges. 

I will share some of the techniques I have found to help remedy my “hardcase hangovers.” Like many of you, I am still working through my battle to fight compassion fatigue. I will candidly and authentically share my experiences, what has worked for me, what hasn’t and what I am considering to reach full recovery. If we can admit that the issue exists, we can work towards healing together and get back to serving families with the same passion we had pre-pandemic.

About the Presenter

Monica H. Torres, LE, LFD, LC is a reconstruction specialist, desairologist, and internationally recognized public speaker and technical trainer. She is also the owner and founder of startup company NXT Generation Mortuary Support, LLC (est. 2011). NXTgen is a trail-blazing trade service company which not only offers traditional embalming services and staff support, but also develops untraditional modern online death education programs for professionals and families. Community outreach, death education and accredited technical training programs are at the core of NXTgen's management and consulting service department. Monica believes that "nurturing a path toward success serving families begins with professional development, focused strategies in the prep room, and educating the public." NXTgen works with your firm to host an opportunity for growth while increasing profits, modernizing antiquated service models, and guiding your staff towards a fulfilling career.