I-Succession: Lesson 1 Part 1

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Introducing I-Succession

By Daniel M. Isard, MSFS

I have been working with your board and executive leadership team to bring I-Succession to life. I-Succession is the most creative membership program imaginable, as it helps IFDF members plan for their successful retirement and business transfer. Through the I-Succession planning, members will learn how much they need to have to be financially independent. The value of their business and real estate will be realized as that is probably the largest single asset under your control. You will learn how to enter into a plan of succession that is either mandatory or optional. The I-Succession planning works for people wanting to transfer their business through their family or key people. It works if you are looking to merge with a regional IFDF member or a third party. We will even be able to find and recruit people to be your successor if no one in the business presently could qualify. I-Succession is not just a planning tool but creates a vetted team of experts to help you or to supplement the support of your existing advisory team. The I-Succession team includes lenders, lawyers, accountants, valuators, insurers and transaction specialists. 

We will be rolling out this member benefit over the next few months. Look at this newsletter as well as our unique video portal and at the IFDF Convention the end of May. As an association, we have always looked to provide support to independently owned businesses, and I-Succession helps us continue this work at the highest and most personalized basis. If you have questions, please call or write me.

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