Look How the IFDF Has Grown!

Posted By: Ruth Bedell, PhD, QAS News,
Look How We Have Grown!
Since our last Annual Conference & Trade Show in 2019, our Association has grown in many ways:
  • We have received more than 100 new memberships.
    • 24 Firms
    • 13 Affiliates
    • 33 Individuals
    • 41 Students
  • The average open rate of our weekly e-newsletter, Independent Weekly, has consistently surpassed the average open rate of the industry.
    • Over the last 30 days, Independent Weekly's average open rate is 30% vs the industry open rate of 14%.
  • We started our successful, monthly "Straight Talk" webinar series in August 2020.
    • 12 Webinars to-date
    • A total of 400 people have registered to attend the webinar series.
    • We began offering the "Straight Talks" as 1-hour continuing education courses in February 2020. More than 65 CE certificates have been issued.
  • We started a robust social media marketing campaign with the help of Ring Ring Marketing to build brand and slogan "Families Serving Families" awareness and to promote our various events throughout the year.
  • Last fall, we expanded our member benefits program to include affordable healthcare coverage for member firms, employees, individuals, and their families through our partner LIG Solutions. LIG Solutions is now offering affordable pharmacy solutions. 
  • We held 3 very successful and well-attended regional dinners in Jacksonville, Pensacola and Tallahassee in early 2021 and have plans for more in the coming fall and winter in the Tampa, Gainesville, Boca Raton, and Orlando areas.
  • We just held a hugely successful Annual Conference & Trade Show in June. More than 350 members/nonmembers, guests, sponsors, and exhibitors attended.
  • Our I-Trust has seen tremendous growth over the past year. From April 2020 to April 2021, the market value has grown by 19.52%!
Wow! Despite the pandemic, the IFDF is thriving!
Thank you for your valuable support for our association. Thank you for helping the IFDF thrive. The IFDF Board of Directors appreciates each and everyone of you!!