I-Succession: Lesson 4 Part 1

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I-Sucession: Lesson 4 on Business Valuation Methodology

By Daniel M. Isard, MSFS

As an IFDF member, you have a lot relying upon your funeral business. Your income is reliant upon the results of how well you run your business. Your personal net worth is relying upon how well you run your business. For most business owners, they have no idea what the true value of their business is, until they try and sell it. The I-Succession Program is trying to help reduce the risk, fear and unknowns of being a business owner. In this video, I take you through the methodology I have used to value more than 3,000 funeral homes nationwide.   My goal of producing this video was to demonstrate the key objectives of a valuation. I broke this down into four specific tasks for your understanding.

These four tasks include a conclusion of:

  1. The value of assets and liabilities from your Balance Sheet
  2. The value of your real estate as a funeral home, not as some commercial property
  3. The value of Goodwill.
  4. The value of the Cash Flow

By solving these 4 points, an appraiser can determine the probable value of your business. Let me know what questions you have after watching this video.

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