I-Succession: Lesson 5 Part 1

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I-Sucession: Lesson 5 Part 1

Introduction to Lending

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By Daniel M. Isard, MSFS

The I-Succession program, created by the IFDF, is very well thought out.  Whether you are at the point of planning for your succession or possibly growing your business by buying other retiring members, you will need money.  We got all the money you will need!  I-Succession has brought into it various key advisors to provide their experience for the IFDF members.  In this latest video I introduce a high level overview of all of the terms and conditions that you need to understand when borrowing or helping someone borrow money.  This takes a knowledge of the funeral profession as well.  I-Succession is honored to have a relationship with one of the largest lenders in funeral service, Bancorp.  In this video, I interview Teresa Carlson, Vice President of The Bancorp.


Teresa has spent more than a decade making loans to funeral  homes throughout the United States.  Her loans have allowed people to refinance debt, purchase businesses, renovate their buildings, add crematories and so much more.  Now, Teresa has introduced a new level of lending which helps make I-Succession a complete plan.  Her newest loan program is essentially unlimited!  For many members, their lending in the past was limited to a percentage of their building value.  For others it was subject to the debt coverage the business could afford but capped at the Small Business Administration limits.  Now, we in the IFDF have a lender that can bring Wall Street lending, above the SBA limits, to the Main Street of each of your towns.


If you see yourself as retiring someday, you probably don’t think you need to worry about a lender.  You do!  You need to know how to help your buyer find a lender that will help them do the deal.  If you see yourself growing by future acquisitions, you need a lender that you can rely upon for making that loan with competitive terms.  Watch this video and see the power of a good specialty lender!


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