Spotlight on 2023 Annual Conference Speaker: Monica Torres

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Spotlight on Conference Speaker 

Monica Torres

LFD, LE, Desairologist, and Cosmetic Reconstructive Specialist

Founder & Owner, NXT Generation Mortuary Support Services


How to Prepare a Decomp

About the Embalming Seminar

These case studies on the preparation of decomposed remains were inspired by real families, who longed for one last opportunity to say goodbye. This technical seminar guides the embalmer through each phase of the embalming procedure. We will begin with traditional core elements of Disinfection, Preservation, and Restoration. The class moves forward with advanced instruction on primary, secondary, and tertiary disinfection for decomposed cases and finishes with an exploration of postmortem “Facial Cosmetic Rejuvenation.”

The class focuses on open casket viewing using modern and innovative postmortem surgical/embalming injection techniques and odor control for decomposed cases. Advanced training and strategic implementation of embalming chemicals for decomposed cases and tips on logistics planning for services, understanding/implementing legal authorization procedures, and family counseling/arranging for hard cases are included.

This seminar is POWER PACKED with embalming tips and also touches on the importance of acquiring proper legal authorizations, shares free resources for embalmers, and information on how to utilize proper personal protective equipment for safety while working with hazardous chemicals.

About the Presenter

Monica H. Torres, LE, LFD, LC is a reconstruction specialist, desairologist, and internationally recognized public speaker and technical trainer. She is also the owner and founder of startup company NXT Generation Mortuary Support, LLC (est. 2011). NXTgen is a trail-blazing trade service company which not only offers traditional embalming services and staff support, but also develops untraditional modern online death education programs for professionals and families. Community outreach, death education and accredited technical training programs are at the core of NXTgen's management and consulting service department. Monica believes that "nurturing a path toward success serving families begins with professional development, focused strategies in the prep room, and educating the public." NXTgen works with your firm to host an opportunity for growth while increasing profits, modernizing antiquated service models, and guiding your staff towards a fulfilling career.


Conference Schedule

Friday, June 2, 2023

2:30pm-4:30pm ET

(2-hr CE Course)

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