I-Succession: Lesson 6 Part 2

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One Person Does Not A Team Make

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By Daniel Isard, MSFS

A team in sports is usually comprised of multiple players. In an acquisition or a sale, those players need to support the leader who is the buyer or seller. The supporting team is made up of accountants, lawyers, valuators, lenders and insurance professionals. Through these videos I hope to introduce you to many of these people. Of course, you can use your existing experts to support you. Your existing experts may realize they need support of experienced peers. Afterall, all of us are supporting the leader, the buyer or seller, to accomplish their goal. The goal of a principal party in a transaction is a successful closing. 


The goal of I-Succession is to make sure IFDF members are educated on the mission of their business succession. To have confidence that as risky the transaction might be, they have independent and experienced professionals guiding them. The new video this month features two vetted and trusted advisors, Shannen Mayfield and Dave Snyder of Federated Fiducial accounting services. Shannen and Dave know funeral service, they know Florida funeral service and they are committed to the I-Succession program like all of the other advisors.


Going at a business transfer or acquisition by yourself is lonely and scary. Knowing who to turn to as advisors reduces this fear. I-Succession is a holistic approach that helps all parties do their best to have a good closing in a timely manner. Enjoy watching this video and the others in our educational series.

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