IFDF Funeral Profession 2022 Series - Interview with Mimi Mythen

Posted By: Colette Kemp Funeral Profession Blog,

Colette Kemp, IFDF Communications Committee Co-Chair, recently interviewed a newly graduated up-in-coming funeral professional called Mimi Mythen. Mimi is a member of the IFDF Communications Committee.

Mimi Mythen has been in Florida for seven or eight years. Growing up, she lived in multiple locations as her father was in the Navy, so her family moved a fair bit. Mimi currently resides in Jacksonville.

Mimi became interested in the death care field when learning about natural burials and ways to give back to the environment when you pass away. Her mother came home from work one day and told her about a Ted Talk she had watched by a woman named Caitlin Doughty. Caitlin talked about burial practices that nourish the environment and nourish the planet. Mimi's mom was unsure why, but it made her think of her daughter.

This was way before Mimi had any interest in the funeral profession. She listened to the Ted Talk and then researched and started to fall in love with green burials and natural burials.

From there, her journey began, and you can watch this video to learn more about Mimi Mythen and what matters to her. Enjoy!