2022 IFDF Annual Conference - Supersize Your Ability to Serve by Monica Torres

Posted By: Ruth Bedell, PhD, QAS News,
Supersize Your Ability to Serve

By Monica Torres
Owner & Founder,
NXT Generation Mortuary Support, LLC

Super-size portions became available at fast food restaurants in the summer of 1987. Money saving meal deals quickly became popular, especially for Americans who live their lives on the go. Experts at Penn State University agree, “even an increase in cup size contributes to an increase in calories being consumed." It’s no secret that American meals in and outside of the home have grown in size, and it is also no secret that the average-size American has grown right along with the portion sizes.

Our “super-sized” American lifestyle isn’t only limited to food; it affects many aspects of our daily lives. Unfortunately, the larger accommodations we need due to our growth in overall size are not accompanied by money saving deals. Airlines now charge extra for persons carrying excess weight whether it is physically attached to us or not. Women pay more for bras than ever before in history. The larger the cup size, the more that undergarment costs.

More materials and resources are needed to create space for our growing American bodies above and underground. These cases not only require more chemicals to reach adequate preservation, accommodating equipment and more man/woman power, their families also require compassion and sensitivity. Outdated GPL pricing for equipment, professionals lacking education on use of appropriate language during the first call and during arrangements are only the tip of the iceberg.

Embalming decedents with excess weight are not becoming the norm they are the norm. Ship outs are more common in Florida than any other state in the U.S., and securing education for Florida embalmers and technical “know how” for oversized decedent care should be a primary focus for managers. During my presentation, “Embalming the Oversize Case,” just one of the topics I will be encouraging exploration of with participants is the controversial subject of “Delayed Aspiration for Obese Cases.” Participants will be encouraged to share experiences in our safe and comfortable learning environment. Between now and then, I want to get your wheels turning. Take a peek at the questions below and come prepared to engage with us!
EMBALMING SCIENCE FACT: By delaying cavity aspiration, intravascular pressure is maintained.

EXPLORATION CHALLENGE: In what instances can we use this fact to our benefit for decedents with excess weight?

EMBALMING SCIENCE FACT: Distention in the abdominal region due to fluid accumulation or gases often causes swelling.

EXPLORATION CHALLENGE: In this instance should delayed aspiration be avoided? Why or why not?

Embalming the obese case is a challenge for even the most seasoned embalmer. Having the right tools, equipment, chemicals, and safety measures in place are not all that is needed to be successful. Confidence and an arsenal of technical knowledge are also required to get the job done, both of which our attendees will leave with at the end of my presentation on June 10, 2022 at this year's 30th Anniversary of IFDF celebration and convention!

I am looking forward to seeing you there. Between now and then, connect with me on IG @coldhandshosts and send me a DM or comment on Sunday’s Embalming Tip of the Week with “Fl Embalmer Cares”

Until we meet in Florida…..Happy Embalming!


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