I-Succession: Lesson 4 Part 2

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I-Sucession: Lesson 4 Part 2 on
Business Valuation Methodology

By Daniel M. Isard, MSFS

Imagine you had 90% of your household income dependent upon one investment. Imagine that 80% of your total net worth was invested in that one investment as well. Can you imagine how many times a month you might check your computer to see the value of that investment? I would bet it would be almost weekly! Well, in reality you do have your income and net worth tied up in one investment. For most people, they have no bloody idea what the business is worth or how well it is performing. That can only come from two places. A well educated and experienced advisor that is schooled in the value of a funeral home is one way to learn the business value.  The other means of determining value is some wild guess from a buddy. Which do you want to trust?

The fourth video of our educational series is intended to demonstrate to the members of IFDF how to value their business. This is one of the keystone values of the I-Succession Program the IFDF has created. The success of the business is going to determine how successful your life after funeral service will be. It will provide the security for your family. Watching this video could be the best 14 minutes of your life. In the time it takes to play one hole of golf, you can now understand how funeral homes are valued. Is that worth your time? I hope so!

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